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If you’re a commercial condo owner or a condo association board member then chances are you’ve been asking yourself that age old question …Where does the unit-owner’s responsibility end and mine begin? As a property owner and/or condo association board member, you have many coverage options available to you. Plans are dependent on the amount of coverage (or lack there of) that you wish to extend to your unit owners.

At Financial Insurance Brokers we specialize in condominium association insurance. This means that you have a dedicated insurance agent by your side with the experience and knowledge to share with your Board of Directors as they make this very important decision each year. It also means we have long standing relationships within the industry proven by our track record of performance in dealing with both the insurance companies, who provide the coverage, and the clients in which we service.

The laws effecting condominium association insurance have been known to change throughout the year. This unique legal structure requires special insurance forms to cover the many risks within a condominium association. We are prepared to keep our clients informed of any changes that might impact the association’s insurance coverage.

With So Many Options Available, We Can Find the Policy That is Right for You.

We are highly competitive throughout the state of Florida while still maintaining the absolute best interests of our clients. However, we will not sacrifice our integrity or professionalism just to be the lowest quote.

The bottom line is that Financial Insurance Brokers will provide superior service to our clients with the most comprehensive and competitive rates available in the market to put the board of directors in a position of choice for their insurance needs.

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12001 SW 128th Ct.
Suite 104
Miami FL 33186

(T) 305.253.4424

Blue Lagoon
Corporate Headquarters
5805 Blue Lagoon Drive
Suite No. 400
Miami, FL 33126

(T) 305.441.9932
Toll Free: 1-866-552-9846

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Kendall 12001 SW 128th Ct. Suite 104. Miami FL 33186 (T) 305.441.9932
Blue Lagoon Corporate Headquarters 5805 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite No. 400, Miami, FL 33126 (T) 305.441.9932 | Toll Free: 1-866-552-9846