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Homeowners that live in coastal cities like Miami are more likely to experience damages caused by a hurricane, tropical storm, or another type of windstorm. To protect your home against these natural disasters, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage in place.

In most cases, homeowners insurance does include coverage to protect homeowners against damages caused by hurricanes and other windstorms. But depending on your insurance provider and where you live, this coverage may be excluded, or you might be required to pay a special hurricane deductible.

Here’s what you need to know about whether or not homeowners insurance covers hurricane damage.

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Does Home Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

If your home is damaged by hurricane wind, your home insurance policy will likely cover the repair costs up to your coverage limits. Wind is typically one of the named perils covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. Be sure to review your policy,...


Homeowners in Miami and throughout Florida need to be prepared for common natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. When these disasters hit, they can cause extreme damage to your home and personal belongings, making it important to have windstorm coverage to protect your property.

Windstorm insurance offers the coverage homeowners need to protect their homes against damage caused by windy weather patterns, which includes hurricanes and tornadoes. While this coverage is often included in home insurance policies, those that live in high-risk areas may have to purchase a separate wind insurance policy to get the protection they need.

Here’s everything homeowners need to know about windstorm insurance in Miami, FL.

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What is Windstorm Insurance?

Windstorm insurance provides coverage for homeowners that protects them from damages caused by certain types of windstorms, like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Homeowners in areas like Miami are...


Finding the right home insurance company can help you get the comprehensive coverage you need at an affordable price. Whether your current policy doesn’t meet your needs, is up for renewal, or you’re not happy with your current insurance company’s service, it might be worth shopping around for a new home insurance company.

While switching home insurance is a relatively straightforward process, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind before making the move to a new insurance company.

To help you find a home insurance policy that meets your needs, here are a few important tips to keep in mind when switching home insurance companies.

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When to Switch Home Insurance Companies

If you’re not satisfied with your home insurance company’s service or your home insurance policy itself, it might be time to consider switching...


Home insurance offers several different coverages to protect homeowners from several different hazards and risks. One such coverage is loss of use coverage, which offers financial assistance to help homeowners cover their additional living expenses if their home becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered peril.

If a fire, storm, or another covered event destroys your home and forces you to temporarily live elsewhere, loss of use coverage can help you cover your additional expenses so that you can maintain financial stability and peace of mind while your home is being repaired.

To help you better understand what protections your home insurance policy offers, here’s what you need to know about loss of use coverage.

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What is Loss of Use Coverage?

Loss of use coverage, also known as additional living expenses (ALE) insurance or Coverage D, reimburses homeowners for basic living expenses if their home is destroyed by a covered peril, like a house...


Home insurance is a necessity for any homeowner. It helps protect you, your family, your home, and your personal property from a variety of common hazards, ranging from fire to theft. Moreover, almost all mortgage companies require borrowers to have sufficient home insurance coverage before approving a loan.

But finding the right homeowners insurance policy isn’t always easy. It’s important to find a policy that offers the coverage you need to satisfy your mortgage requirements and protect all of your property while remaining within your budget.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to choose the right home insurance policy.

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What Home Insurance Covers

Homeowner’s insurance policies are very customizable, but almost all of them contain the same basic coverages, including:

● Dwelling coverage

● Other structures coverage

● Contents coverage

● Personal liability coverage

● Medical payments...

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Homeowners need to be prepared to deal with unexpected events. Whether a storm causes a tree to fall on your home, a pipe bursts, someone breaks in, or your home catches on fire, it’s important to know how to file a home insurance claim so that you can get compensation for damages.

The home insurance claims process is relatively straightforward, fortunately, but if you’ve never had to file a claim before, it may seem overwhelming at first. To get compensation for your damages, you’ll need to report a claim, record all damages, and work with an insurance adjuster.

To help you get a better idea of how to complete this process, here’s what you need to know about how home insurance claims work.

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How Long Do You Have to File a Claim?

If you have suffered any damages that are covered under your home insurance policy, you should make sure to file a claim as quickly as possible in order to receive a settlement and make the necessary repairs.

The deadline...


Home insurance offers invaluable coverage for homeowners that helps protect their homes and personal belongings from a variety of common hazards. From fires to theft, homeowners insurance can help cover the damages caused to your property by a covered peril.

But every homeowner’s needs are different, and it can be difficult for homeowners to determine how much home insurance coverage they need. By being able to determine how much coverage you need, you can ensure your entire property and all of your personal belongings are covered without paying excessive premiums.

Here’s what you need to know about determining how much home insurance you need.

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What Does Home Insurance Cover?

To determine how much home insurance you need, it’s important to understand what is and is not covered by home insurance.

A standard homeowners insurance policy includes the following coverages:

● Dwelling coverage

● Personal property coverage



Home insurance provides financial protection for homeowners. If your home or personal property is subjected to damages caused by a covered peril, a homeowner’s policy may reimburse you up to your coverage limit. Home insurance provides invaluable coverage and is typically required by mortgage lenders, making it essential for homeowners to purchase a policy before moving into their new homes.

Standard home policies contain many of the same coverages and features. By understanding what your policy covers, you can better prepare for the future and take care of your most valuable assets. Here’s a closer look at what a standard home insurance policy does and does not cover.

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Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Most home policies offer the same six basic coverages, which include:

  • Dwelling
  • Other structures
  • Personal property
  • Personal liability
  • Medical payments
  • Loss of...

Homeowners insurance protects your home and personal belongings against common hazards, ranging from theft to fire and everything in between. But if you own a high-value home with high-end appliances and valuables, a standard homeowners insurance policy won’t offer the higher coverage limits and other benefits you need to remain fully covered against potential damages.

High-value home insurance features several unique perks and benefits alongside higher coverage limits to provide more comprehensive protection for high-net-worth individuals. If you live in a home with a high replacement cost, it’s important to consider purchasing this coverage to ensure your home and assets are fully covered. To help you determine whether or not this coverage is for you, let’s take a closer look at what high-value home insurance is and what it covers.

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